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Haiti Update

God has shown His grace to Haiti by protecting the country from a large propagation of COVID-19 although it is still a concern. On August 10, 2020 the AFCA school reopened. We praise the Lord.

The situation in Haiti is still very difficult, however. Tropical Storm Laura left much destruction in Haiti, dozens were killed, more than 6,200 houses were flooded, 2,300 damaged, and more than 200 destroyed.

Also, there is still unrest and there are demonstrations in the streets almost every day, including protests and political conflicts, with some loss of life.

We have been asking you to pray for Haiti, and have been asking for a longtime. It is not easy to continue to ask for prayers. But the Bible says: "The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much". So we continue to count on your prayers.

May God bless you!

Renes Deciere

Our Ministries

The cost of living seriously effects our ministries. We have more needs but less resources. We appreciate the financial support we receive regularly, but what we receive now is much less than what we used to receive the years before.
We appreciate receiving more financial support to continue the feeding program, and general donations for ongoing and increased administrative costs are also welcome. We really count on your prayers.

May God bless you!

We are happy you are interested in Haiti. The mission of Partners with Haiti includes these elements.
  1. A channel of support for Haitian and other Christian workers and projects such as feeding programs, medical aid, employment, building/construction projects, caretaking, supply of needed materials, vehicles and transportation services.
  2. Establishing relationships with sister churches in Haiti and other third world countries for the U.S. and Canadian-based churches.
  3. Assisting in the growth and development of churches in such areas as evangelism, Christian education, pastoral counseling and strengthening family life.
  4. Coordinating and sponsoring U.S. and third-world speakers who will present the work for education, prayer, personnel, and funding.
  5. Individual and group child sponsorships for education, including Christian-based education, meals, food, uniforms, and other basic needs.
  6. Funds for natural disasters and other crises.
  7. Encouraging and supporting the development of leadership for long-term management of any or all of the foregoing at the national level in Haiti and other third world countries.

Dear Friend of Partners with Haiti:

Dr. Claude Noel, the founder of Partners with Haiti, went to be with the Lord on September 26, 2018. His good works and legacy will live on through the programs he established and the lives of the many people he and his ministries have touched. Claude Noel's ministry of nearly 70 years reached countless people around the world for Christ.

Check all of our pages and news for updates and information!

Partners with Haiti was incorporated in 1981. Twenty churches and 500 individuals throughout the United States and abroad contribute to this ministry. Included are programs that provide spiritual support, education, medical care and job promotion in Haiti. PWH Ministry opportunities continue to expand.

Please join with us in assisting the Evangelical Churches of Haiti to impact their culture with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The ministry of PWH has spanned over a half century. You will find the Haitian Christian family to be gracious and appreciative of our fellowship.

Your tax-deductible donations will directly help build lives and educate Haitian children in the name of Christ.

Greetings in Haitian Kreyòl

BONJOU! Mesi anpil pou vizite website Partners with Haiti (PWH). Nou kontan wap enterese nan Ayiti. PWH se yon òganizasyon Kretyen ki gen yon pwogram sipò pou timoun, èd pou lekòl, legliz, pastè ak klinik medikal nan Ayiti. Nou te travay Ayiti depi lontan. PWH te fèt nan lane 1981 nan Barrington, Rhode Island. Doktè Jean Claude Noel kofondateur ak bon zanmil Dr. David Madeira te travay lajounen kou lannwit pou moun Ayiti! Kounyeya travay yo kontinye nan yon nouvo jenerasyon. Nou ankouraje ou pou w' tounen isit la pou nouvèl sou travay nou an Ayiti. "Men anpil, chay pa lou"

Welcome! Thank you very much for visiting the website of Partners with Haiti. We are happy you are interested in Haiti. PWH is a Christian organization that has a child sponsorship program, and help for schools, churches, pastors and medical clinics in Haiti. We have been working in Haiti for a long time. PWH was founded in the year 1981, in Barrington, RI, USA. Dr. Jean Claude Noel and cofounder, good friend Dr. David Madeira, worked day and night for the people of Haiti! Now their mission continues in the hands of a new generation. We encourage you to return here for news about our work in Haiti. "Many hands lighten the load."