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About Partners with Haiti

Partners With Haiti was incorporated in 1981. Over 100 churches and over 900 individuals throughout the United States and abroad contribute to this ministry. Included are programs that provide spiritual support, education, housing, medical care, feeding and jobs in Haiti. Ministry opportunities continue to expand, especially after the devastating earthquake of January 2010.

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Man with a Vision

Partners with Haiti was the vision of Dr. Jean Claude Noel. Dr. Noel was born and reared in Haiti. God spared his life at birth despite severe malnutrition. He attended the Unevangelized Fields Mission primary school where he learned of Christ and accepted Him as his personal Savior and Lord. Later, he attended the Evangelical School of the Bible, also sponsored by the UFM. His spiritual gifts were recognized and he began serving the Lord preaching in many places throughout Haiti. Soon he was led to advance his Biblical education.


He came to Rhode Island where he attended Barrington College,and


Lydie Noel

met Dr. David Madeira, Pastor of Barrington Baptist Church. Together, they established Partners with Haiti. At Barrington, he also met Lydie, who was a pastor's daughter from Cap Haitien. Upon graduating from Barrington they were married at the college, and returned to Haiti with the love and prayers of many friends from New England and beyond. 

AFCA Village--Lydie's Vision, told by Dr. Noel, relates the beginnings of the 10-acre service community now called AFCA Village, located near the National Airport, Port au Prince, Haiti

For over twenty years Dr. Noel served as a national worker with UFM International, pastoring Bolosse Baptist Church in Port au Prince, a church that grew to over 2,000 in attendance. Later he founded Nazon Evangelical Church and CEEH (Council of Evangelical Churches of Haiti).

Lydie always shared in ministry and a vision of meeting the needs of their country. Through this a ministry to displaced women and children of Port au Prince emerged. Training was provided for them in sewing and in the basics of life, such as hygiene and nutrition. Out of the Noel's labors grew the two most prominent current ministries of Partners, the Bethany Childrens Sponsor Program and AFCA Village ministry center--meaning in English, Association of Christian Women in Action. Lydie Noel has since gone to be with the Lord, but her legacy lives on.



Dr. & Mrs. Noel

Dr. Noel continues in ministry by faith as a member of the U.S. Board of Directors (Director for Haiti). His influence for Christ is felt wherever Haitians reside--on or off the island. In 2007 he married Huguette, formerly of Port au Prince and Montreal, Canada. The couple resides near Miami, FL.


Supported by churches and individuals primarily in the United States, Partners With Haiti serves primarily in educating children, and supporting various projects, ministries and churches in Haiti. The ministry has expanded greatly and today it is a channel through which thousands of Haitian people and many diversified ministries are supported.



Getting Your Questions Answered

We do want to hear from you. Some people have been asking why we don't post a contact phone number. The reason is that in the U.S. we don't have an office or staff to answer phones. Our Board is all volunteer, and members serve from their own homes. The Barrington, Rhode Island, address collects all mail which is then distributed for action. So, if you wish to contact us by mail, please feel free; however you can reach any of us directly by sending an email, and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible. Click here for email addresses. Thanks.

Your tax deductible donations will directly help build lives and educate children in Haiti.
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BONJOU! Mesi anpil pou vizite website Partners with Haiti! Nou kontan wap enterese nan Ayiti!Partners With Haiti (PWH) se yon òganizasyon Kretyen ki gen yon pwogram sipò pou timoun, èd pou lekòl, legliz, pastè ak klinik medikal nan Ayiti. Nou te travay Ayiti depi tan lontan, PWH te fèt nan lane 1981 nan Barrington, Rhode Island.

Doktè Jean Claude Noel ak bon zanmil Dr. David Maderia te travay lajounen kou lannwit pou moun Ayiti! Jodia Partners With Haiti travay anpil pou ede moun apre tranblemanntè ki te pase nan mwa Janvye 2010. Mesi pou pasyans ou, nou poko fini ak website la, men nou ankouraje ou pouw tounen isit la pou nouvèl Ayiti! “Men anpil, chay pa lou"