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Bethany Project FAQ

The Bethany Project had its start over a half century ago at a school founded by Dr. Jean Claude Noel who was then pastor of the Boulos Baptist Church in Port au Prince. Pastor Noel and his wife soon discovered that the children were so desperately malnourished they couldn't pay attention to their lessons. Assisted by Rhode Island pastor, Dr. David Madeira, the Bethany feeding program was begun. Some schools with the help of generous donors still provide a nutritious school lunch.

Bethany School Locations

The schools associated with the Bethany Project are located mostly in the southern 2/3 of the country. There are currently 30 schools in the Project, with hundreds of students currently sponsored and many more waiting for help. Our sponsors are doing a priceless work to provide the opportunity of a Christ-centered education and hope for a future.


Haitian Education System

The Education system in Haiti starts at the preschool/Kindergarten level, which is followed by nine years of Fundamental Education. Upon successful completion an intermediate diploma is obtained.

Secondary education is comprised of four years of schooling (10th -13th grades), ending with a final exam and diploma called the Baccalaureate. Starting at the 10th grade, pupils have the option of following professional/vocational education.

The Constitution of 1987 specifies that the State is responsible for primary education that is free and compulsory, however the reality is that relatively few children qualify for free government education. The majority of schools in Haiti are private, either non-profit or for-profit. Bethany Project schools are Evangelical Christian academies under the direction of Bible believing pastors and staff. They follow State guidelines for education.


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