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Welcome to the Bethany family of Haitian children's sponsors for education. Here is some information that may be helpful to you as you enter this relationship. If you have questions, please feel free to email us anytime. Also, please check often for upcoming new ways to support Bethany Project, and the video on the "Bethany Project Mission" page.

Our Mission

Based on Dr. Claude Noel's primary reasons for starting the Bethany Project in the 1960's, we are guided by the following mission statement: "The purpose of the Bethany Project is to work in partnership with church schools, primarily in central and southwest Haiti, to create an educational environment that meets the physical, spiritual and health needs of children."

The government funds education for only 20% of the country’s children, leaving the rest to fend for themselves. Christian schools struggle to fill the gap. This is a good thing because the Gospel is being offered to the children; and some schools are able to offer feeding programs.

However, parents’ ability to pay is severely restricted by poverty. With tuition being the primary source of income, school supplies are short, and in many cases, teachers are not receiving their fair wage. It is indeed a sacrificial ministry.

Sponsors and What They Do

A sponsor is a caring friend who is committed to meeting the educational needs of a Haitian child for 2 or more years. You will be assigned a specific child/children. Children may be sponsored through the Bethany Project until they graduate from high school.

Sponsors initially receive the child's profile and picture. Although conditions in Haiti may interfere with the schedule, our goal is for you to have two letters from your child and a report of school progress yearly; a new photo will be provided every couple of years. Sponsors may mail notes/cards to students via our Partners with Haiti address, or send through your donor account on with at any time. Your recurring donations will enable your child to receive a Christian education in a church-related school. We encourage you to join a short-term work team or vision trip; it may be possible to visit your child personally, subject to location, schedule and any necessary expenses.

Becoming a Sponsor

To become a sponsor, please print and fill out the application form (see Application below), enclose a check payable to "Partners with Haiti," for at least the first month's support of $35, and mail to Partners with Haiti/Bethany Project, 25 Old County Road Barrington, RI 02806. Alternately, you can open an on-line account as described above and pay by credit card or electronic funds transfer. Please note, Partners with Haiti/Bethany Project provides a paper tax receipt by return mail for every donation by check. On-line donations are receipted electronically. However we do not typically bill or remind sponsors. Many banks provide an "auto bill pay" service that has proved useful for some. Also, our website allows setting up an auto bill-pay by credit card or EFT.

Communicating with Children

Students and their families do experience difficulties from time to time, and by various means might express this to their sponsors. Though sometimes we can feel helpless to provide solutions, they are not alone. There is a social network for them in Haiti involving pastors, school principals, teachers and others. To protect confidentiality, Partners with Haiti cannot provide health and welfare reports regarding children or their families, nor can funds other than regular monthly support and small, monetary gifts such as for birthdays & Christmas be accepted for transfer (just designate on your next payment voucher). The most important thing a sponsor can do is pray for their child.

Corresponding directly with a student or family by mail, email, text, phone, etc., and/or transmitting funds by Western Union or other means is not recommended. Such communications can be subject to misunderstandings, and Partners with Haiti/Bethany Project cannot be responsible to help resolve issues that may arise.

Sending Presents to Children

We request donors not ship gift packages to Partners with Haiti. Should you wish to assist your child with a small occasional monetary gift up to $25, you may do so by designating it with your check, or on-line donation.

If you are going to Haiti, or know of someone who can take a gift for you, please feel free to bring a gift to your student. Here are some suggestions:

School supplies; clothing for girls; toiletries wash cloth/hand towel, soap with plastic case, deodorant, comb/hair pick, barrettes, head scarf, hair elastics, toothbrush/toothpaste/toothbrush cover, small first- aid kit with Band-Aids/bacitracin, baby powder, etc.; toys, jump rope, jacks, small matchbox car, inexpensive jewelry/earrings, small solar or hand-crank flashlight/radio; please do not include candy/food items/or money. Print your child's name and school code on the package. It is recommended that all items be new. Please remember that Haitian children hardly ever get anything new. It's a very special and unforgettable treat!

Thank You

We are working tirelessly to communicate your kindness and generosity to the children of Haiti, and you are making a difference in their lives! On behalf of the U.S. volunteers and our devoted staff in Haiti, we say thank you for your prayers and your continued financial support of Bethany Project children and programs. We are confident God will bless you back. If you have any questions, or for more information on the Bethany Project please email U.S. Bethany Project Coordinator,

Yours in Christ,
Bethany Project U.S. Coordinator
May 2019

Added Notes: Thirteen Years of Formal Education In Haiti

In Haiti, the Constitution of 1987 specifies that the State is responsible for primary education that is free and compulsory. The Education system starts at the preschool level, which is followed by nine years of Fundamental Education, upon whose successful completion a Brevet Diploma is obtained. Secondary education is comprised of four years of schooling, sanctioned by a final exam and Diploma called the Baccalaureat. Starting at the second cycle of Fundamental Education, pupils have the option of following professional and vocational education instead of the formal education cycles leading to the Baccalaureat. Sometimes students are quite a bit older in the final grades than in the U.S. due to starting school late, or by having to repeat a grade or two along the way; in other cases a student's family may not be able to pay, so the child misses a year of school. Currently, most schools are private; some are subsidized by the State (some religious schools), and most operated as non-profit educational institutions (supported by church groups, non-profits, or community schools). Bethany Project students are typically in the latter category of Evangelical Christian academies.

Education Table

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