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Hurricane Matthew was a major disaster for Haiti. Although we were able to determine that for the most part our staff in the Port-Au-Prince area was safe, in the south of Haiti the effect of the hurricane was huge. The staff in Haiti visited both churches and children out of great concern.

As we planned, on October 19, 2016 Pastor Deciere, Marie Lourdes and Jeremy Elise went to Les Cayes, including Valbrune (VB), Simon (SM), Torbec (MT),  and Bero (VJ), the towns where Bethany project sponsors schools and children.

Pastor Deciere's October 2016 Report:

Generally the situation is awful. Houses are severely damaged, especially those which had roofs of sheet metal. Others were totally destroyed. All the plantations are gone. Many schools and church buildings have collapsed. This hurricane left many people in a vulnerable situation.

Houses of the Bethany Project children were affected by the hurricane, according to their report. We saw four of them. Because the roofs were ripped away during the hurricane, the rain had fallen directly into the buildings and either damaged or destroyed all books, school supplies and anything else inside at the time. The Victoire de Jesus (VJ) school had its roof and the roof of the connected Church building blown away. The school principal's own home was leveled. Maillard de Torbeck (MT) suffered the same fate as thay had lost the roof of both their school and church buildings during the storm as well.

With financial support from PWH we shared food, toiletries and relief money with about 70 children and staff. We also shared with them encouraging words from the Bible (Lamentation 3.17-23). It was good to see their appreciation for our little gift to them.

Pastor Deciere's March 2017 Update:

As you know, many Bethany children homes and also some Bethany schools were severely affected by the hurricane that hit the south of Haiti last October. Our partners in the US through Partners With Haiti (PWH) have sent some relief funds on behalf of the affected schools and children. In mid-October we had organized an assessment visit. We bought food, toiletries and school supplies to bring for children and teachers as a first help. Our arrival was a great blessing for them in the middle of a difficult time. After a report of our evaluation visit we have recieved more funds. We shared your contributed funds between hurricane Matthew's more affected victims including: the head of Victoire de Jesus (VJ) school whose own home had collapsed as well as his school's roof; the head of Maillard de Torbeck (MT) school for his school's roof; as well as others whom suffered the loss of or severe damage to their roofs or homes. On behalf of those benefited by your relief efforts, the Bethany project and myself, I thank all of you who have thought about us during this difficult time. May God bless you all! Thank you very much! - Renes Deciere -

Please consider a donation to Partners with Haiti for ongoing needs, and please continue to pray for the lives lost, for loved ones and for those who have lost property and suffered other damage and hardships. Please pray about future concerns, as well as for continued strength, wisdom and guidance for the staff and citizens of Haiti. Thank you.

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