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Current Events


APCH Administration

The role of APCH administration is to connect, advise and supervise the different branches of ministry. This year the new Board in Haiti, and myself as new President, has worked hard to fill this role well and made an effort to work as a team to fix what needed to be fixed. We pledge to do even better in 2018. Deficits in general funds for programs continue to impede administrative efficiency. The Lord will help us.

AFCA Church

Nineteenth Anniversary 2017

AFCA Baptist Church is doing well. The different departments like children's ministry, Youth association, Men's Ministry, Woman's Ministry, Family Ministry, and other departments, are functioning well. The congregation celebrated its 19th anniversary the week of October 15-22, 2017. A week of spiritual activities and a special worship service were organized to celebrate. Following the Sunday worship the Reception Committee provided lunch for more than five hundred people.

Church Construction

The construction of AFCA Church is not finished yet. There still is come work to do. The Church has received funds and volunteer work teams from PWH over the past ten years have assisted in the construction. Our members have been engaged in continuing the work. Little by Little they have done a lot. Now plans are being made to put up a suspended ceiling in the sanctuary and to tile the basement room floors. As the Lord moves and provides, additional financial support from US supporters through PWH will help in the long awaited completion. There will be space for 500 worshipers.

Twentieth Anniversary 2018 & Building Dedication

One of the biggest events of APCH in 2018 will be the dedication of the AFCA Church Building. The event ad been postponed many times. In October 2018, God willing, we will definitely do it. We will celebrate two decades of growth and make the dedication of the Church building.

Prayer Requests for the Church

Please pray for the AFCA Church regarding these requests: a stronger leadership (the church needs more key leaders with stronger commitment); the Spiritual growth of the Church (believers need to have good testimony in the middle of difficulties); a new sound system (we have some difficulties with our sound system); the completion of the Church Building (to make the dedication, the church building needs to be finished). Further postponement would be unfortunate. Thank you so much!

AFCA Village


We now have a new administrator who has worked hard to take up the control of the Village. A lot of progress has bene made. After the ravages of hosting a tent city for out five years in the wake of the earthquake, the Village finally has become more peaceful and secure. We are working step by step and day after day so we have more control of the situations.

Also our generator is getting old (more than 10 years). It breaks down very often and uses a lot of fuel. Expenses are high. We are exploring installation of solar electric generation (panels, batteries and inverter). The cost could be 4,000 $US or perhaps more, but it would be a good investment, savings several thousand US dollars a year. Your prayers and financial support will be appreciated for this project.

AFCA School

We are proud to tell you that AFCA School is performing very well. For the year 2016-2017, 100% of students in 9th grade passed the state exams to enter high school; 80% of the high school seniors (grade 13/Philo) passed the exams and were graduated. The average success in all of Haiti is 25%. Many students who finish high school at AFCA attend Government University. That means they are very good.

For the year 2016-2017, we had 350 students enrolled in grades K-13; this year we have 370. The school has a feeding program that provides a nutritious midday meal to all the children throughout the week. This blessing is made possible with the help of some devoted supporters in the US. The school is financially self-sufficient, and able to cover some of the costs of its feeding program. It also can offer a little help to other AFCA ministries.

Every year the school organizes a soccer championship between classes. The Year AFCA school would like to build a soccer team in order to go outside for competition. Any financial support, sports equipment, etc. would be a blessing

Bethany Project

The number of students supported by the Bethany Project has decreased over the past few years to about 300. One quarter of these will finish school within the next two years and leave the Project. Many younger children have great needs. We are seeking to raise support for them through sponsors. New systems are in place to track students more efficiently. If you would like to sponsor a child please let us know.

Sister Churches

Monique Deciere keeps regular relationship with different pastors from our sister churches. US congregations have sister-church relationships with Haitian churches and schools in Jacmel, Port au Prince, Arcahaie, Silo, Ka-Thoman and several other communities. Not only are they blessings the Haitian Christians, but their hearts are full as they savor the joy of this relationship and share it with their own congregations.


Promoval is a newly associated branch of APCH that promotes Christian and civic values. We work with children, youth and Leaders in many parts of Haiti. Our perspective is to: influence people to a new way of thinking and behaving; help children and youth to discover their gifts and talents to use them well; and give them tools, techniques and strategies to become self-sufficient, and to get success in their life. Promoval has some regular activities such as Tomorrow Leaders Club and the Entrepreneurship Center.

Our last event was a youth entrepreneurship Forum. 170 people participated. The goal was to motivate participants to think about entrepreneurship as an opportunity to create jobs for themselves and for others. Our future plan is to teach entrepreneurship and leadership in the high schools.

Silo Ministries

Just before the 2010 earthquake a new ministry was established at Silo under the leadership of myself and Monique. Silo is a community close to Delmas 33. We started school there with 9 children on October 2009. While the school was growing up, God has sent Al Perkins to visit the place. After his visit he engaged himself to promote the school and look for financial support. By the grace of the Lord, three New Hampshire churches are now involved, Danville Baptist Church, Kingston Church, Grace Community Church. Turbocam NH is also involved along with other individuals.

Now we have about 100 children in the school. We have a feeding program that serves meals every school day. Last year a 'baby' church was started under the umbrella of AFCA Church. About 25 people now attend this new church Sunday mornings. The church meets in a class room of the school. God has provided them with a Pastor. He and his wife are members of AFCA Church. Please pray for them. Projects in the works at Silo are to provide more classrooms, start a vocational school and continue constructions of the church building.

Hurricane Updates from Pastor Renes

Hurricane IRMA

Hurricane IRMA did not really touch Haiti severely. That is a great blessing. Several towns in north Haiti are flooded. Some houses are damaged. Plantations are destroyed. That is still a big difference when we compare it with that we expected to happen according to the predications. It seems that no one died. We praise the Lord. He knows how vulnerable we are in Haiti. He shows his compassion to us.,

May God bless you!

Hurricane MARIA

One more time God has protected Haiti, this time from Hurricane Maria. The north of Haiti received a lot of rain. Some towns were flooded. There was no damage in the way that was expected. We praise the Lord.

May God bless you!

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew was a major disaster for Haiti. Although we were able to determine that for the most part our staff in the Port-Au-Prince area was safe, in the south of Haiti the effect of the hurricane was huge. The staff in Haiti visited both churches and children out of great concern.

Pastor Renes' March 2017 Update:

As you know, many Bethany children homes and also some Bethany schools were severely affected by the hurricane that hit the south of Haiti last October. Our partners in the US through Partners With Haiti (PWH) have sent some relief funds on behalf of the affected schools and children. In mid-October we had organized an assessment visit. We bought food, toiletries and school supplies to bring for children and teachers as a first help. Our arrival was a great blessing for them in the middle of a difficult time. After a report of our evaluation visit we have recieved more funds. We shared your contributed funds between hurricane Matthew's more affected victims including: the head of Victoire de Jesus (VJ) school whose own home had collapsed as well as his school's roof; the head of Maillard de Torbeck (MT) school for his school's roof; as well as others whom suffered the loss of or severe damage to their roofs or homes. On behalf of those benefited by your relief efforts, the Bethany project and myself, I thank all of you who have thought about us during this difficult time. May God bless you all! Thank you very much! - Renes Deciere -

Please consider a donation to Partners with Haiti for ongoing needs, and please continue to pray for the lives lost, for loved ones and for those who have lost property and suffered other damage and hardships. Please pray about future concerns, as well as for continued strength, wisdom and guidance for the staff and citizens of Haiti. Thank you.

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