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HAITI UPDATE August 2021

On August 14, 2021, a major earthquake struck southwest Haiti, about 90 miles west of Port-au-Prince. Les Cayes, Haiti seems to have been hit especially hard. A month-long state of emergency has been declared by Prime Minister Ariel Henry.

The most recent reports on August 18, 2021 are that more than 1,900 people have been killed, about 10,000 have been injured, and about 30,000 have been left homeless. There is a lack of water, food and shelter.

Some people from the south of Haiti who work for APCH and some who are in the AFCA and Siloe churches have parents whose homes have collapsed. In Pastor Renes’ home town, many houses have been destroyed. Please pray for the Haitian people and the nation.

PWH Quarterly Meeting: 07/24/2021
Haiti Report by Renes DECIERE

Praises and thanks:
The Bible says: Many are the afflictions of the righteous: But the Lord deliverth him out of them all (Psalm 34:19).

We praise the Lord for protecting my brother and his wife who were in a dangerous place after being kidnapped for 9 days. We will not cease to bless Him. We must praise the Lord, for in spite of the social and political difficulties, all the ministries of APCH/ PWH keep working. 

1-The Political situation in Haiti
Haiti experienced a tragic event on July 7, 2021 very early in the morning. The president Jovenel Moise was killed at his house. Even the president was a victim of the insecure climate. Still, we count on God for our security. In some areas churches cannot worship or work regularly because of the insecure climate. Although the country is relatively calm now, we feel that at any time something could happen. 


a) AFCA school:

In spite of a difficult year because of the social and political situation, the academic year overall was good.  It was not a regular year, but we did not have a country-wide lock down like the year before. We did have to close for two weeks due to a resurgence of COVID-19 in Haiti. This time the virus was stronger than in 2020, and many more people are infected. Fortunately none of the AFCA children or staff or teachers are infected.

This year, in the 9th grade, 27 students took the official exam. The exam for the 13th grade (Philo) students (there are 21 of them) is upcoming. We hope all of them will pass.

The feeding program is still a challenge for the school. There are 350 children to feed, one meal a day. The feeding program budget is approximately $1,900 US per month. Although the school accounting can provide $500 per month and we have a regular support of about $300 from Partners with Haiti, there is still an additional amount of about $1000 per month which is required to keep the feeding program operational every school day.

b) AFCA Church

The church has organized its traditional programs, including our Easter conference in April 2021. The Women’s Association celebrated its 21st anniversary, and on June 12th we celebrated children day’s in Haiti.

The weekend of July 16-18, the board organized a conference for AFCA leaders. In the midst of all of the difficulties, I want to keep our leaders motivated, and responsible. At the conference Pastor Luke Perkins was one of the speakers.

The Men’s Association plans to celebrate its anniversary Sunday, July 25, 2021. The Youth Association will celebrate from August 15 to 22.

On August 14, 2021 we plan to have training for people from the church who are involved in the evangelistic activities. The Evangelist Committee has already conducted a special training about evangelization. We are also planning to celebrate the 23rd anniversary of AFCA Church on October 17, 2021.

  We praise the Lord that AFCA Church has been able to keep conducting its traditional activities even in the midst of challenges and difficulties.

Please note also the Bible Class at AFCA, which is a Bible training for AFCA Church leaders and for leaders in the area. Materials are prepared by the STEP seminary. The participants will receive a certificate after two years of training which includes 5 hours of class every Saturday. Financial support of $200 per month would be very helpful to keep this Bible Class operational.

3- Bethany Project

The Bethany Project is doing well. The data manager/secretary Mirline is learning the system and is a great help to both US office and the Haiti office. The instability of Haiti impacts the Bethany Project very much, however, because teams are not able to come to Haiti to visit our ministries and meet the children. Please continue to pray.

4- Silo Ministries:

Silo School: Like AFCA School, the academic year was good overall. The teachers have done their best to make the most of the programs throughout the year. The results have been good, and the parents are happy. They have showed their satisfaction in our parents meeting. The average score in the report cards was approximately 7/10, and we provided a meal per day for the children. That makes a big difference, because when the children eat at school, they work better.

Also, the school will organize a Vacation Bible School (VBS) for the second week of July.

Silo Church: The church is about to celebrate its anniversary in August, and a week-long spiritual conference is planned from July 15th to July 22nd. Please pray for the success of this conference.

Also, after nearly a year break from fundraising for the Church building, it is time to restart, so God’s work can progress. About $20,000 is needed to build the platform, to lay block and add columns on top of the balcony, in order to be ready for the main roof. It will be done step by step.


On June 3rd PROMOVAL organized an entrepreneurship fair at AFCA Village to encourage young people to create their micro enterprises. 20 young entrepreneurs had the opportunity to show their products. About 300 visited during the day. There were training sessions on entrepreneurship and personal finance as well. At this point, we are planning a new edition of the youth entrepreneurship Forum. It will be on October 9, 2021.  We hope to collect $3000 for this event.

Would you please pray for the financial needs of:

1-The AFCA school has a need of $1000 $ per month to keep the feeding program fully operational.

2-The Saturday Bible class under the leadership of AFCA church needs a financial support of $200 per month.

3- We hope for support of $1000 to organize the 23rd Anniversary celebration of AFCA Church.

4- To continue the Silo Church building project, we would like to collect $20,000.

5- About $3,000 will be needed to organize the Youth Entrepreneurship Forum for 200 young people.

Please pray and share the needs with others and ask them to pray too.

Conclusion: We thank God for His faithfulness to us. We are grateful to Him for the privilege we have to serve Him. Thank you so much! May God bless you! May He bless United States and Haiti!

Renes Deciere

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