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Photo: Courtesy of The Miami Herald

Hurricane Matthew has been a major disaster for Haiti. Although we have been able to determine that for the most part our staff in the Port-Au-Prince area is safe, in the south of Haiti the effect of the hurricane was huge. We are having the staff in Haiti visit both churches and children because we are very concerned. We intend to have a report of the impact that the hurricane has had on children who live in the southern region of Haiti.

We are getting ready to get personally and physically involved in relief activities in those areas in the south where we have Sister Churches and Bethany schools. Also, a representative of Partners with Haiti is planning to meet with relief organizations to see what more we can do to work with them and to assist the people of Haiti.

Please consider a donation to Partners with Haiti at this time, and please pray for lives lost, for loved ones and for those who have lost property and suffered other damage and hardships. Please pray about future concerns including potential health risks, as well as for continued strength, wisdom and guidance for the staff and citizens of Haiti through this especially difficult time. Thank you.

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