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HAITI UPDATE December 2020

Dear friends and coworkers in Christ:

I want to share with you the situation of Haiti and also the news about God’s work. Thank you for prayers.

1- The Political Situation in Haiti
The country is still insecure. There are many kidnapping cases in Haiti. There are demonstrations almost every day in the streets against the government and to stop the kidnapping. Policemen protest for a better treatment, and there are political conflicts. Many people have been killed. The people seek to promote dialogue between the president and the political opposition.

A) AFCA School
The school year 2019-2020 finished on September 30. The new year 2020-2021 opened in November. The 9th grade children who went to the official exam all passed (100%). There were 24 children. We are still waiting for the results for 13th grade (Philo). Please pray for them.

The school challenge now is the feeding program. There are 350 children to feed one meal a day. The feeding program budget is approximately $1,900 US per month. The school accounting can provide $500 a month. We have a regular support about $300 from PWH. There is a need about $1,000 a month to keep the feeding program operational every school day. It costs $95 a day to feed 350 children: A meal (mostly rice and bean plus vegetable) costs approximately 25 cents.

B) AFCA Church
We have celebrated well the 22nd anniversary of AFCA Church. The congregation did its best to organize a great simple celebration with what they had. It was good to encourage the congregation to hope in the Lord in order to renew its strength.

The Bible class at AFCA has started a new session. It is a Bible training center for AFCA Church leaders and for leaders in the area. It is not a school to train people to become pastors, but leaders will be trained to help pastors. Materials were prepared by STEP seminary. The participants will receive a certificate after two years with a 5 hour class every Saturday. A financial support of $200 a month would be a good help to keep this center operational.

The Church still has a burden of debt of $2,000 US. We do want to pay as soon as possible.

3-Bethany Project
The Bethany Project employees have to moved back to the APCH office. I have welcomed them. We continue to work together. I want to thank the PWH Board for prayers and support.

New Employee: A secretary or a data manager is about to start working for Bethany Project in Haiti.

4-APCH Board
In December of 2020, the APCH Board - which is a PWH counterpart in Haiti - added two new Board members, both Pastors. We welcome them.

5- Siloe Ministries
Siloe school is doing well. The new academic year opened on November 9. Parents, children and teachers were happy to see Al Perkins during his visit in Haiti in October. The Church is growing. Pastor Emmanuel and his wife Smyrne are doing a good job.

On Saturday, October 10, 2020 PROMOVAL organized the youth Entrepreneurship Forum. It was a full day of reflection and training on the Entrepreneurship on behalf of young people. The goal was to inspire them to create their own enterprise. About 100 people participated in this activity.

We will not cease to thank God for showing His grace and love to us. We are grateful to Him for the privilege we have to serve Him.
Thank you so much! May God bless you! May He bless United States and Haiti!
Renes Deciere

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