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Gifts for Children

Of course, if you are going to Haiti on a PWH missions team please feel free to bring a gift(s) for your child. On behalf of the students currently receiving a Christian education through the Bethany Project, we thank you for all your prayers and support for these children. You are making a difference.

If you take a gift bag to Haiti we suggest including any of the following items:

  • School supplies: pens, pencils, erasers, pencil sharpener, ruler, composition book, stickers, solar calculator, crayons, colored pencils, child scissors, French-English dictionary or French-to Spanish, or English-Creole dictionary.
  • Clothing for girls shirt/skirt, sundress, undershirts/underwear, white socks, sandals or flip flops. Many girls wear black dress shoes for school and church.
  • Clothing for boys collared shirt, tie, black socks, shorts, undershirts/underwear, sandals or flip flops. Many boys also wear black shoes for school and church.
  • Toiletries wash cloth/hand towel, soap with plastic case, deodorant, comb/hair pick, barrettes, head scarf, hair elastics, toothbrush/toothpaste/toothbrush cover, small first aid kit with Band-Aids/bacitracin, baby powder, for young ladies feminine products, for young men disposable razor and shaving cream (small).
  • Jump rope, jacks, small matchbox car, inexpensive jewelry/earrings, beanie baby, small solar or hand-crank flashlight/radio, greeting card with picture of your family, children's vitamins, Bible (French or Creole), empty water bottle.
  • Please do not include candy/food items/or money. Include your child's name and school code on the package! (ex. "Daniel Pierre BTA0011"). When in Haiti you may be able to give a gift directly to the child; otherwise the Bethany Project office in Port-au-Prince can schedule a delivery when visiting schools.
  • It is recommended all items be new. This may seem restrictive, but please remember that Haitian children hardly ever get anything new. If you give them something new, it's a very special and unforgettable treat!

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